We are training counsellors and providing counselling to marriages and individuals. The Biblical Counselling Course is a year-long course. It is offered one Saturday a month in Soweto and Soshanguve (near Pretoria). The graduates are awarded 12 credits by South African Theological Seminary when they enrol there.

  • Making things right

    • Settling debts,
    • Confession of sins,
    • Forgiveness,
    • And reconciliation.

  • Boundaries

    • Maintaining sexual purity

    • Establishing boundaries,

    • Limits between males & females,

    • Restrictions between males & females.
  • Generosity Giving

    • Using Brian Kluth’s devotional,
    • Financial faithfulness in tithing,
    • Sharing of resources

  • Sanctity of life

    •  Abortion

  • Older women

    • Carol Mahaney’s resources on Titus

  • Parenting

    • Using Piper’s resources.

  • Men and Fathering

    • Using Piper's resources

  • Spiritual Gifts

    • Using Nisela Resources

  • Men and Fathering

    • Using Piper’s resources.

  • Pornography

    • Overcoming lust through biblical accountability.

Magongo Orphan Movement (M.O.M)

This is state registered. The Board is composed of 5 leadership couples from 4 provinces in South Africa. There are 5 million orphans in South Africa, mostly due to HIV/AIDS.

We are promoting adoption. MOM urges black husbands and wives to adopt orphans and raise them up in Christian godly homes. MOM is seeking exposure in churches to present adoption and encourage Black couples to adopt Black orphans. MOM will provide training, resources and funding to parents who adopt. MOM will teach and encourage mothers to be stay-at-home mothers to raise children. MOM will strengthen couples through Marriage Enrichment.

Our response to the political situation in South Africa

I have written the book What have you done, South Africa? This is an appeal to Christians and churches to wake up and lift up their voice.

It is worrying that in a country that is Protestant Christian with 17 million votings in 2019, a mere 600,000 votes were awarded to Christian valued parties.

In the 2019 national elections, the voters went to --

ANC 10 million with 240 seats

DA 3 million with 88 seats

EFF 1.8 million with 40 seats

IFP 500,000 votes with 14 seats

Freedom Front Plus 400,000 with 10 seats

ACDP 100,00 with 4 seats

Millions of Christians voted for Pro-Choice, Pro-Abortion ANC, DA and EFF.

Millions of Christians voted for Pro-LGBT parties ANC, DA, and EFF

Thousands of Black Evangelical pastors voted for Pro-Choice, Pro LGBT political parties.

Let us unite as Evangelical Christians.


To be the leading and reliable resource platform for Christians.